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Complaints & Returns

Complaint Submission

When you submit a complaint email to us, please include the following:

1. Customer Name and Order Number

2. Reason

3. How can we help you

Our staff will get back to you in working hours Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm

Refund Policy

What is [101bao]’s return policy?

Because [101bao] is only the purchasing agent and not the seller nor the manufacturer, Other than issues of us buying the wrong item or sending the wrong item, we will not bear any return costs

If the goods are not satisfactory and you wish to return at any costs:

Step One: If you are not satisfied with the product, or have any other issues which requires for the goods to be returned, please send an email to [101bao] customer service, providing a detailed description of the product and return reasons.

Step Two: Upon receiving your request, we will communicate with the domestic vendors straight away. If the domestic seller accepts returns, [101bao] will contact you by email to let you know the details of the return and the estimated return cost via Singpost

Step Three: After you understand the return details, you will need to send the relevant article to the China address provided by the domestic vendor at your own costs. Do include the following inside the return parcel, original packaging and relevant item.

Please note:

For the return of the goods, please be sure to send back to domestic vendor via registered mailing to ensure parcel’s position. Also, because international returns require considerable processing time (usually have to wait a month or more), so do remain patient during this process, [101bao] will promptly inform the progress of your return.

(Note once again, ALL return costs generated by this process will be borne by buyers themselves)