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What Is GST?

GST on Imported Goods


The amount of GST payable is computed based on the CIF value (cost, insurance and freight) of the goods plus all duties payable. The postage paid for the goods can be taken as freight and insurance charges.

However, GST need not be paid for goods (except for dutiable products) with CIF value of not more than $400.

Where the CIF value is more than $400, the entire sum will be subject to GST.

The table below explains when GST is to be paid and when it does not need to be paid:

Total Value of Goods Do I need to pay GST?
$200 No. The CIF value is not more than $400.
$450 Yes. The CIF value is more than $400. GST payable = $450 X 7% = $31.50



For More Information

Please Visit https://www.iras.gov.sg/IRASHome/GST/Consumers/Consumers-Importing-Goods-into-Singapore/