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How to Measure Size?

When you shop online but receive a non-fitting apparel,you would feel frustrated, right? Because everyone's body size is different; there are many different brands of clothes, with different sizing standards. Hence, many are worried about the choice of clothes or simply just want to know how to buy the proper sized clothes. So, how do we avoid buying clothes that do not fit? Here are some suggestions to correctly measure your clothing size, and we hope this guide would be able to make your online shopping experience more pleasant.



1. Shoulder Width

Relax whilst standing upright, measure the length from one end of the shoulder blade other end of the shoulder blade .

2. Bust

Relax whilst standing upright, measure the length under the arms covering the fullest part of your chest. (If you are a lady, take the measurements with the bra on to ensure accurate dimensions.)

3. Waist

Relax whilst standing upright and exhale, measure round the waist, along the navel.

4. Hips

Stand with legs shoulder width apart, measure around your fullest part of your buttocks.

5. Arm length

Rest your arms on the side, start measuring from the base of the neck and down to the wrist.

After getting the right measurements, there is still 1 thing to pay attention to. That is, the cutting of the garment, sellers will describe the garment as tighter fit or loose fit, you would need to make slight adjustments according to the description of the garment cuttings and fabrics. 

In addition, look through the comments and reviews by other buyers as refererence. (Tip: China has a smaller cutting compared to the international sizes.)

If you're still unsure , you can send your dimensions: height, weight, bust, hips and other dimensions to inform our customer service for help. We will help you communicate with the vendors and your can use the seller's recommendation to finalize your decison.