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Compensation Liability

Dear Valued Customer,

The process of transportation goes through several transit processes including air freight transportation, customs inspection, and local delivery. There could be instances of goods being seized by the customs for presence of undeclared goods or mishandling by courier company, resulting in missing goods.


1. If the goods are lost in transit or delivery process and is being verified by us, we will do a refund of the goods within 20 working days up to $100 USD per order.

2. In the case of missing goods after a customs check, the team will confirm the declaration invoice and cargo information with the customs. After verification, the compensation will take reference from the declared invoice value and weight of the goods, with a total amount of compensation not exceeding $100 USD per order.

3. For high-value or  fragile products, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, MP3, watches, we highly advise clients to purchase insurance before shipping and packaging. If no insurance was purchased, we will not accept any liability of any missing items

Insurance can be purchased for $20 SGD with maximum payout of $2000 SGD per order

4. If any mistakes were found upon receiving the parcel, be sure to keep all packaging and take photographs as proof for our team to contact the seller for after sales service.